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Hello, how are you?

This blog is a place to air my thoughts, with some liberal editing on my part. So it's called the Pen-sieve, get it? :)

This is not a traditional "blog". The content doesn't have any inherent chronology. No man is an island, and my thoughts might be set off by matters of the day, but by and large this blog is just a collection of things I've decided to publish on the web. I hope the content doesn't get dated and can hold its own. I might revisit and revise as my thoughts evolve, so this blog is a living webthing in that sense.

If you have something to say, then you can comment through Disqus. Or you could email me. You could subscribe to this stream either through RSS, or by email.

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Blog technology

The blog currently uses Ruhoh v1, with a custom theme. A Github repository mirrors the content if you're interested in it for some reason.

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