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Last updated: 4 Nov 2012

Firefox OS, formerly known as boot2gecko is Mozilla's open web-centric mobile operating system, built around HTML5 and javascript. It's primarily intended towards (smart)phones (and tablets maybe?). This page gives instructions if you want to check it out.

Easiest way

You can install a Firefox addon (available here) which runs FirefoxOS in a separate window, for previewing. More information at or

More painful way to check out FirefoxOS on Linux

  1. This will involve downloading a few hundred MB of stuff. So apart from a decently fast internet connection, you'd also want that much space on your disk.

  2. From download an image of b2g. You'd typically want the latest one, I guess. Download the tar.bz2 file

  3. Download the gaia interface from Github. git clone git://

  4. make -C gaia profile

  5. /path/to/b2g -profile gaia/profile


  2. (Untested) Dual-booting with Firefox OS on your mobile device:
  4. Toying with and developing for FirefoxOS

Note : I'm writing this because I had some trouble finding references for how to try out b2g on linux. Though I'm very excited, I'm not very knowledgeable about the project. And there is a chance that I might not actively maintain this page and update changes. So I give no guarantee that these steps will work. On the other hand, I was surprised by how easy it was for me to get it working. It will probably be the same for you. If you wish to suggest changes/additions/updates to the document, please email me.