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Maxwell's equations in flat spacetime

This $\alpha$ is an example of inline \( \LaTeX \NNN \). More below:


L = - \frac{1}{4} F_{\mu \nu} F^{\mu \nu}


\[ F{\mu \nu} = \partial{\mu} A{\nu} - \partial{\nu} A_{\mu} \]

$$ \partial^{\mu} F_{\mu \nu} = 0 $$

$$ \epsilon^{\rho \mu \nu} \partial{\rho} F{\mu \nu} = 0 $$

$$ \alpha \beta \gamma \delta \epsilon $$

Some tips:

  • When using LaTeX equations (not inline), put them inside <div></div>. That should take care that the markdown processing doesn't interfere with intended equations. That is how this page works.
  • Need a good solution for what to do with inline math. I wonder if it makes sense to preprocess with something like tex4ht or itex2mml before the markdown processor gets its hands on the content :-?
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