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Suggestions for Ruhoh

  1. Justify alignment while generating/displaying posts. Solution: Add align="justify" to the div element surrounding the content.
  2. Posts need to have a justified layout while displaying. The thing with adding justified to the theme is that it works only when people view it through the web browser. Not when people view it with (say) RSS. Should I even be controlling those viewings?
  3. System of tidbits. For notes or media or link-sharing. I could take things from tidbits, after some discussion, and then repost them as bigger blog posts. Maybe I should just creat a category called tidbits, with which I can filter posts and display. Similarly create a category for (long) articles. Hmm :-?
  4. Point at which to break summary/abstract and present a 'read more' should be specifiable for each post.
  5. Have a static folder of files and create a page which shows a list of files in the folder, without cluttering up the pages list. But static html should show up on the pages list. Functionality close to might be implemented to support the possibility of "private" folders.
  6. Code inside codeblocks must NOT be processed. Like \{\{\{ widgetname \}\}\} (I don't even recall what I meant by this one!)
  7. RSS feeds, which can be customized based on category of post. So people can subscribe to a specific category. Instead of the current process where RSS is generated separately, there needs to be an integrated option for an RSS feed to be generate for any "list" of posts, based on category, or tag, etc. Alternatively, those could be done by filtering out the right component from an all-in-one RSS feed.
    • RSS feed shows the summary, instead of showing description. Summary must be custom settable, and must be an object in each post.
    • RSS feed also shows tags.
    • Ruhoh doesn't apply plugins, at least for now :-/
  8. Responsive or mobile friendly design for Elegance-Ruhoh-theme Currently, the sidebar is a fixed div and doesn't behave well on a small screen.
  9. Link to friends' blogs through a blogroll.
  10. Provide an option to subscribe by email. Choices so far: MailChimp, GoogleDocs, GMailingList. Could also implement this as a plugin.


  1. When switching to a longer post/page from the front page, in FF&Chrome due to the scroll bar, the content box is shifted a little. Is there any way to place the content box, with this in mind, so that clicking for a long post doesn't change the location of the box and keeps things pleasing to the eye.(theme build). In fact, I think this problem willl go away if one uses Ubuntu style scrollbars.
  2. A theme with a nice two column layout. Inspired by the Octopress default theme.
  3. Search box on the top bar. Like Octopress.
  4. Link to RSS feed on the top bar. Like Octopress.
  5. Currently, * emphasis becomes italics and ** strong emphasis becomes bold. Could this be slightly tweaked, to have / for italics, or usage kinda like Google chat?
  6. Central configuration of widgets from config.yml
  7. For LaTeX and other reasons, shouldruhoh try to use pandoc? Simply because it's the most diverse format converter available. And one hopes that it's technically solid.
  8. Mobile version of Obtvsed theme.
  9. Have a plugin for trackbacks.
  10. Collapsible (folding) code blocks
  11. On the archive listing, I need separate sections only for year and not months, since I don't blog very often. Also, it would be nice if dates reflected the month in words. Modify the date property in each file to reflect the new format: 'YYYY Month DD' rather than 'YYYY-MM-DD'. Maybe all the date fooling around should be done with a plugin?
  12. Deploy to Github pages -- this gives more control over hosting/domain
  13. Use pandoc for processing as it plays better with latex. Maybe kramdown is a decent option.

Widget/Plugin suggestions

  1. Math (LaTeX) support using MathJax, in the form of a widget.
    • The widget is designed to insert the JS into themes/footheme/layouts/default.html with <div></div>
    • Next step would be to use a local presence of MJax. Anticipating the usage of a widget, we could place MJax inside the plugins folder.
    • Create a plugin, to place the appropriate link to MJax in the header of default.html. And instead of having a PNG backup, if MJax fails, set it up to use MJax rendering from the server.
    • Set Mjax to work with $ rather than \( only.
    • MJax accessibility?
  2. Footnotes with backlinks, in markdown. Even better would be popup sidenotes. It's better if we can avoid CSS and JS, because that would allow easy usage through feed aggregators. If we use CSS/JS, then this could be a widget.
  3. Tagcloud widget :P Could try using WordCram or pyTagCloud
  4. Twitter widget displaying latest tweets.
  5. Goodreads widget embeddable on any page?
  6. Sidebar (and other) views, like the new Blogger. Which shows a list of posts and the number of likes/comments on them? This is probably best implemented as a widget with JS.
  7. Plugins/Widgets for smileys? Animating them the way Google chat does would be awesome. Maybe to enable smileys, we'll have to put them inside span tags.
  8. Stop using the comments plugin? Or have something cleaner/simpler?
    • Inline comments?
    • Github comments?
  9. Simple widget implementing a Like or Kudos button (Simvla does this well). But where will that data be stored? I wonder if that should be written to Github as comments or something :-?
  10. At the top of each post, state the number of words and an estimated reading time. (like Simvla). Maybe a readability score?
  11. Add a content license to the blog. Maybe CC-NC-SA-BY :-?
  12. Even more minimal and nicer looking theme, inspiration from


  • Markdown supposedly acts on stuff inside <span></span> but neglects stuff inside <div></div>. That information might come in handy. For example, LaTeX equations can be dumped inside div and a span block can be used to specify justified alignment for this block of content. [TEST THIS]
  • If confused b/w using categories and tags, imho: Use tags for labeling the topics each post is related to. A category would be more for filtered viewing - like say tidbits or longreads.
  • Use Drunk-Tank-Pink (#FF91AF or 255,145,175) in moderation, or as a pattern on the background? For a calming inflience. I wonder if that is what works on Steve Losh's page (229,0,83)? Maybe the combination of his pink and the white on the background is in the ratio of Drunk-Tank-Pink? A Pink and Green or Blue (that I currently use for highlighted nav links) combination might be nice. My current maroon seems almost austere? and not welcoming enough?